# Cleaner Bot

This is for The Cleaner (the Discord bot), not cleanerbot.xyz (the site).

# Privacy Policy

The Cleaner is hosted on our Origin servers in Germany.

# Data subjects

  • End Users: Those who use Discord and share a server with the Bot.

# Processed data

We process the following information provided to us by Discord:

  • User information
    • Username
    • Global Name (and Discriminator)
    • Avatar
    • and more (without E-Mail)
  • Message information
    • Author (see User above)
    • Message content
    • Attachments, Embeds and Stickers
    • and more
  • other Metadata (non user data, such as server names and more)

User information is stored in our cache to operate smoothly and removed once the End User has left all servers shared with The Cleaner.

Message information is temporarily stored in RAM for up to a few minutes to provide our services (combat spam). Anonymized message information may be kept for longer in other forms to help improve our detection systems.

# Suspension to minimize data processing

To comply with data processing restrictions or objections, we need to prevent Discord from sending any data about a User in the first place.

Currently, being part of a server that is protected by The Cleaner will make Discord send your information to us without being able to refuse.

To prevent that, The Cleaner will immediately remove "suspended" accounts from servers protected by The Cleaner to prevent further processing.

# Supplements

The following supplement applies for data processed directly by us:

Base Privacy Policy