# Hello there

Hello there, I am Leo, a developer from Germany.

  • Programming languages: Python, Lua/Yuescript, Javascript/Typescript, HTML/CSS, V, Go
  • Frameworks: NextJS, React, Sanic
  • Miscellaneous: Redis, Cloudflare
  • Games: Beat Saber, Splatoon 2/3, TLoZ BotW/TotK, Minecraft, CS:GO

# Notable projects

NopeCHA is a CAPTCHA solving service I work on.


The Cleaner is a Discord security bot developed by me keeping Discord servers clean. More information about features are available on the website.

The Cleaner

Steam Account Generator Enhanced (SAGE) is a account generator for steam inspired by SAG and launched a few months after its shutdown.

Steam Account Generator Enhanced

# Smaller projects

# Javascript

Some smaller Javascript projects (written in Typescript).

# Lua

During my (ongoing) adventure with Lua I have written some libraries:

# Contact me

You can E-Mail hi [at] this domain or reach out via Discord.