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About me

Hey! I am Leo from Germany and go by the alias Leo Developer.

Things I like:

  • coding (python, lua/moonscript/yuescript, js/css/html/react, V)
  • Discord (check out my Discord and my bots)
  • games (csgo, minecraft, botw, splatoon, ...)
  • you 😳

Steam Account Generator Enhanced

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I started playing CS:GO in late 2018 and really enjoy cheating in it. So this section will be very cheating related.


A project of mine that enabled the usage of LauncherSU outside of China. This project is discontinued.


A lua loader for CS:GO which is still in early development. Name is subject to change.

Github repo for people who have access


I've been using Discord since 2017 and here are mostly bot related things.

My Discord

My public bots


Lua coder since forever.

I really love Yuescript.

Some libraries I made


Small little game I made that is inspired by triangoli (a kind of ravioli available in my local aldi).


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